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PRESENT: Norman Baker, Jon Ebensperger, Terry Johnson, Davis Niebeling, Kimberly Lunda, Chris Zenner Note that President Turvaville was not present, setting in for him as President Protem was Jon Ebensperger.


MOTION to accept February 12, 2020 Board Meeting Minutes by Niebeling/Johnson, motion carried.

PUBLIC WORKS: Chris reported that the actuator valve still needed the cables replaced he has been in contact with Jarrod at Cedar Corp and he agreed that the incorrect cables were put in and the correct cables would be sent out. Chris was concerned about getting the valve out because of the corrosion on the cable, it has rusted through. Chris questioned about pouring concrete down by the volleyball court so that we could put in a basketball court. The board said it would be nice but not a priority right now because of spring flooding. That area tends to get flooded. Chris reported that we have the hoops stored out at the dump site so that would take away from the expense. Village resident Cheryl Enevold said that someone complained to her that the playground slide had a bolt that has come off. The board directed Chris to look at the equipment. (Chris inspected the equipment after the meeting and found all bolts to be secure on all the equipment) Chris mentioned to the board about taking a tour of the campsites to look at how the campers in the upper site are setting and they agreed that they needed to do that but no date was set. Chris reported that the pump house heater was installed and was working nicely. The campground bathroom was taken down and the sewer pipe was not located, Chris said that he would be in contact with Cedar Corp to see if we needed to get the pipe located. He said that he had it marked with a cone, but Glen Anderson did not notify him when he was starting the demolition and the building was down before he even knew it was happening.

MOTION to send Chris Zenner to Emergency Response Exercise in Eau Claire, WI on 4/1/2020, free 1-day course. Sending Chris to Diggers Hotline Free training in Baldwin by Baker and Johnson (Chris did not go out to any of these trainings due to COVID-19 outbreak, they were completed online at no cost to us)

MOTION to set May 13, 2020 from 4pm to 6pm at Village Hall before the board meeting by Baker/Ebensperger, motion carried.

MOTION to make the Pierce County Journal our official newspaper by Niebeling/Baker. Motion carried.

MOTION to put an advertisement in the Pierce County Journal and the Republican Eagle by Baker/Johnson. Motion carried.

MOTION to require the season campers to pay non-refundable down payment of $300 by October 1 of the prior year by Baker/Johnson. Motion carried.

MOTION to Approve picnic license for the Legion Birthday Party by Johnson/Niebeling. Motion carried.

MOTION to Approve the donation to the Bay City Bombers for $150 for the 2020 Program Sponsor

MOTION to include in the Employee Handbook Bereavement leave will be increased to 3 days instead of 2 by Johnson/Baker, motion carried. Under Leave of Absence, to include Upon returning to work employee’ may be subject to a pre-employment physical and a drug screening in which the village will pay charges incurred by Niebeling/Johnson, motion carried. Under Clothing allowance, it was made known to the board that President Turvaville wanted it to read Public Works Employee’s. The board discussed this and felt that it could fall under discrimination and that the clerk does represent the village and is subject to many members in the community therefore was intitled to having a clothing allowance, the board also discussed the increased cost of clothing and boots for the public works employee’s so they felt that they should have an increase in allowance.

MOTION to increase the public works full time employee clothing allowance to $450 and give part-time 1 public works employee $250 and Full-time clerk $250 by Neibeling/Johnson, motion carried. Under work rules,

MOTION to add All employees involved in what is deemed to be a preventable accident are subject to drug screening at the discretion of the Village President, Village Clerk, or the Village Board. All accidents must be reported. An accident report must be completed on all accidents whether preventable or not. Any preventable accident can result in disciplinary action up to and including termination, by Johnson/Baker, motion carried. Under Grounds for disciplinary action.

MOTION to add 17. Not reporting accidents on the job and willful destruction of Village Property. 18. Failure to attend Monthly Safety Meetings by Johnson/Baker, motion carried.

Closed session was not needed.

Trustee Niebeling wanted to be noted that this would be his last meeting and he was finished as a board member. Clerk Lunda wanted it noted that we had received several complaints about no bathroom at the boat ramp, the board said we should go ahead and get the portable bathrooms brought out and also get a hand washing station.

MOTION to Approve bills by Ebensperger/Johnson, motion carried.

Meeting adjourned.

Submitted by
Kimberly Lunda
Clerk/Treasurer/Village of Bay City

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