Village of Bay City

GENERAL MEETING, June 14, 2023

Prior to the Village Board Meeting the Board Interviewed for the position of Assistant to the Village Clerk/Treasurer. Interviewing three candidates

PRESENT: Roger Spindler, Norman Baker, Jon Ebensperger, Terry Johnson, Jerry McConnell, Kimberly Lunda and Jeff Link who was filling in for Chris Zenner who was on vacation.


MOTION: to Accept May 10, 2023, Board Meeting Minutes by McConnell/Johnson, motion carried.

PUBLIC WORKS: Jeff reported that the new oxygen sensors had been purchased. They have been working on that and the blower had been repaired. GNE technician said that the other blower motor will have to be rebuilt soon due to the wear from having the other one shut down, they recommend rebuild every 36,000 hours and have a lifespan of 3 years. We have not had it completed since 2015. Chris and Jeff put up the flags for Flag Day and the Fourth of July. The gas monitor in the lift station needs to be calibrated again, this will be scheduled. The new signs were put up in the Campground. Someone ran over one of our new trees in Saratoga Park breaking it off. Our PFA test came back good and we do not need any further testing on that. The street sweeping has been completed after the flooding. The board was informed of the shop walls rotting out on the side where the old doors are, they were not as concerned about that issue as the sewer and campground problems due to the fact that the walls have been that way for a long period of time. Jeff was told that we will need to get some more estimates to see if we could get it done cheaper than the bid from Holt Construction. The board said it really does not fit in our budget for this year but will possibly be looked at for next year. Chris questioned Rural Water about putting a well at the empty lot which is Village owned property on EE, we have just recently had. We are still waiting to hear back from Rural Water.

DISCUSSION on the Mary Brenner property. The home was built over the property line and Mary was seeking the villages help as she wants to sell the house due to her needing to be close to a dialysis clinic and the closest one is in Hastings, MN. Mary explained when the house was built the Brenner’s asked permission to have the house located where it is now to Dale Dosdall and he granted them permission but the deed to their property was never changed nor was there any paperwork completed on this 60 years ago. Administrator Lunda has spoken with Village Attorney Loberg on this, a survey was completed and Pierce County Title company drew up a contract between both parties for just over 9 feet of the property to be deeded to Brenner with all expenses that are incurred to be paid for by Brenner.

MOTION to deed just over 9 foot of property to the Mary Brenner Estate and to grant a threefoot permanent variance for the house to be closer to the property line by McConnell/Johnson, motion carried.

DISCUSSION on Tom Lida hi continuing to camp in his yard due to his project not being complete. Because of the flooding this spring they were unable to get into the house to continue the project. He had paid for the camping but was unable to use the camper. The board agree to allow he and his wife to continue staying in the camper until the project is completed. A projected date of completion is sometime in September.

MOTION to allow Tom Lidahl to continue camping in his project yard until the end of September 2023 by McConnell/Ebensperger, motion carried.

DISCUSSION on new construction on Summit property owner Jim Olafson property had been stubbed in prior. Our ordinance states on new construction the home owner still must pay to connect to the water and sewer system, a dollar amount was never set. The board agreed that the homeowner should have to pay something to connect as our ordinance is worded that way.

MOTION to charge new home builders $1,500.00 if the property is previously stubbed in by Ebensperger/Johnson, motion carried.

MOTION to purchase a Manhole Cover Lifter by McConnell/Baker, motion carried.

MOTION to purchase a laptop along with a program to run the campground reservations that can be viewed by both parties by McConnell/Ebensperger, motion carried.

DISCUSSION on the Electrical for site number five in the campground, the board agreed that it needs to be changed but they want us to talk to the electrician on what the best option needs to be put in on this. Trustee Baker said he will be in contact with the electrician and will discuss at a future board meeting.

DISCUSSION on wireless internet for the campground, this was tabled due to lack of information on other options.

MOTION to approve Liquor Licenses for Dollar General, Chef Shack, Handy Mart, Outpost and Sa bes Loft by Johnson/Ebensperger, motion carried.

MOTION to approve Operators License for Handy Mart – Jaime Bach, Dana Hetrick, Lynda Rieck, Deborah Sanford, Katelynn Hansen, Shayla Hamann by Ebensperger/Johnson

MOTION to approve Operators License for Outpost – Frederick Oelker, Veronia Jahnke, Valerie Lampman, Tara Tri, Sheila Devine, Jolenne Jamison, LuAnn Dahl, with the license for Anthony Ackerley Denied by McConnell/Johnson, motion carried.

MOTION to approve Operators Licenses for Sabes Loft – Brittany Schommer, Melissa Parenteau, Whitney Raphael, Casadee Hoyer, Desiree Passe, Lauren Bryan, Cassandra Miller, Tiffany Hanson, Shannon Tri by Ebensperger/Johnson, motion carried

MOTION to go into closed session, roll call vote per Wis Stat 19.85(1)(g)

MOTION to go into closed session per Wis. Stat 19.85{1)(g) to confer with Legal Counsel (either by phone or in person) who is rendering oral or written advise concerning strategy to be adopted by the board with respect to litigation in which it is involved with David Meixner. Wis.Stat 19.85{1)(f). To consider employment interviews

CLOSED SESSION Roll call Vote out of Sesson Per Wis Stat 19.85{1)(g).

ACTION FROM CLOSED SESSION: A decision on who to hire for the assistant to the Clerk/Treasurer was candidate Sandra Goulette.

MOTION to hire Sandra Goulette by Johnson/Ebensperger, motion carried, motion carried

MOTION to pay bills by Ebensperger/McConnell, motion carried.



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