Village of Bay City

GENERAL MEETING, April 10, 2019

PRESENT: Norman Baker, Jon Ebensperger, Jesse Hohmann, Davis Niebeling, Jim Turvaville, Kimberly Lunda, Chris Zenner.

Call Board Meeting to Order.

MOTION to accept March 13, 2019 meeting minutes made by Baker/Ebensperger. Motion carried.

Public Works Report: Chris reported the cost of purchasing a new GIS system along with an android tablet. The board unanimously approved getting the system and the android tablets as we are unable to use the IPAD’s that were bought during the WWT project. Chris also reported the cost of purchasing forks for the John Deere tractor as moving the picnic tables around with the loader has caused them to be damaged in the past. The board unanimously approved of  purchasing the new forks.

DISCUSSION with Dale Kruse the owner of Meatheads Catering, he bought Maria Evens property which has the right zoning for his catering business. The board had several questions for him and welcomed him to Bay City. It was agreed that the board did not need to approve of the building permit, that all the zoning for the building was in place already. The building is located at 6518 State Hwy 35.

DISCUSSION on Relay of Voices Event happening Thursday August 1, 2018. Victoria Bradford was on the phone to discuss the details of the trip and the evening staying in Bay City. The board asked several questions about the event and it was agreed that Bay City would make accommodations for there evening in Bay City.

DISCUSSION on Jon Ebensperger wanting to have his contract approved. At this time Jesse Hohmann was very disruptive and argumentative. He made it known that he was mad he did not get reelected and he didn’t care what anyone wanted he was tired of it and he wouldn’t approve anything. He was argumentative throughout the whole meeting. The contract approval was tabled until next month’s meeting.

MOTION to Approve the start up of the Bay City Community Organizers BCCO by Ebensperger/Baker. Motion Carried.

MOTION to Approve going forward with hiring part-time office help by Niebeling/Hohmann. Motion Carried

MOTION to Approve Sending Kim Lunda to the Annual Regulatory Affairs Seminar on May 1, 2019 by Ebensperger/Niebeling. Motion Carried

MOTION to Approve sending Kim Lunda and Norm Baker to the Town Officials Workshop in Eau Claire, Wi on Thursday May 23, 2019 by Hohmann/Ebensperger Motion Carried.

MOTION to Approve $150 donation to the Bay City Bombers by Niebeling/Ebensperger. Motion Carried.

MOTION to Approve Bay City Picnic License for all home games by Niebeling/Baker. Motion Carried.

Closed Session was tabled as we did not need it.

MOTION to pay bills by Niebeling/Ebensperger motion carried.

Meeting adjourned.

Submitted by
Kimberly Lunda
Clerk/Treasurer/Village of Bay City

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