Village of Bay City

GENERAL MEETING, September 8, 2021

PRESENT: Roger Spindler, Norman Baker, Jon Ebensperger, Terry Johnson, Jerry McConnell, Kimberly Lunda, and Chris Zenner was not present he was on vacation.


MOTION to Accept August 11, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes by Johnson/Ebensperger, motion carried.

PUBLIC WORKS: Chris left a report that was read by the clerk. Energenics was down to test the meter at the well house, the part that is needed is 3+weeks out they have to install and calibrate the meter when the part comes in. Then they have to test the gas monitor, the lift station has a bad LEL Sensor that is ordered from Clary’s in Rochester it will be 2+weeks out, as soon as it comes in it will be installed. Chris reported that he has called for bids from Monarch and Davy’s and several other Engineering companies on the LRIP Project they are supposed to contact us before the next board meeting. Chris left the information on the back Rack for the Ford Truck the board review it and wanted him to look for something that had a bit more protection. He reported that the strobe light keeps falling off of the suction cups. It does not work so good on an aluminum body. Chris reported on the drinking water inspection, he felt that it did go well.

DISCUSSION with Barb and Duane Johnson on obtaining a variance for their driveway which runs on Village property. The board told them that they would grant the easement but would have to pay for the title company/attorney to draw it up. The Johnson agreed to this and will be working on this in the near future.

DISCUSSION on Nancy Smith wanting to vacate the Tyler’s Court which became Maple Street on the Northwest side of there property. Smiths were not present for the meeting, Turvaville’ s were present, and the board discussed the vacation of the street with them. The board talked about possibly at one point using that property for canoe or kayak access in the future so right now, the board is not interested in vacating the property.

DISCUSSION on ATV ordinance. Larry Johnson was on hand to help the board with the wording of the ordinance. The board came to a decision about the ordinance again. The ordinance will be posted and published and will be adopted in the next board meeting on October 13, 2021

DISCUSSION on any issues with the campground. Two campers want to gravel their site after the season is over. The board was informed by the clerk that it is our property, and we have a responsibility to maintain it and because of the liability issue we should not have anyone that isn’t employed by the Village doing these repairs. Erosion control on the campground/park beach was discussed. Jerry McConnell gave clerk Lunda the contact for DNR and we will be in contact with them on what the requirements are.

MOTION to approve Resolution No. 515-2 by Ebensperger/McConnell, motion carried. This motion was ahead of time as the County had not yet met and passed their resolution and we have to wait for them to pass it before we can pass it. It will be completed again on the October 13, 2021.

MOTION to Adopt Resolution No. 102-4 adding Roger Spindler name to the Pro-Tem Resolution by Ebensperger/Johnson, motion carried.

DISCUSSION on any new applications we received for the Building Inspector or Assessor. We received no applications. The board discussed what our options were again, and they were able to come to a decision.

MOTION to approve Todd Dolan with All St. Croix Inspecting to be our new Building Inspector by Baker/Johnson, motion carried

MOTION to approve Jack and Kelly Owen with Owen Assessing for a two-year contract by Ebensperger/Johnson, motion carried.

MOTION to set the new date for Budget Prep meeting on October 13, 2021 at 5:30pm by Ebensperger/Johnson, motion carried.

MOTION to go into closed session – roll call vote per Wis. Stat 19.85(1)(g) to confer with legal counsel and or discussion among the board, who is rendering oral or written advise concerning strategy to be adopted by the board with respect to litigation in which it is involved with David Meixner to consider personal matter related to acts of business with employees and board members. by Ebensperger/Baker, roll call vote to enter was completed per Wis. Stat 19.85(1)(g)

MOTION to return from closed session – roll call vote per Wis. Stat 19.85(1)(g)

ACTION from closed session, Norm Baker and Kimberly Lunda have 30 days to show improvement on cleaning up their property and deal with two unlicensed vehicles.

MOTION to approve the fireworks permit for the Village of Bay City by Ebensperger/Johnson, motion carried.

MOTION to approve bills by Ebensperger/Johnson, motion carried.


Kimberly Lunda
Village Clerk/Treasurer

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