Village of Bay City

GENERAL MEETING, September 14, 2022

PRESENT: Roger Spindler, Norman Baker, Jon Ebensperger, Terry Johnson, Jerry McConnell, Kimberly Lunda , Chris Zenner


MOTION: to Accept August 17, 2022, Board Meeting Minutes by Ebensperger/Johnson, motion carried.

PUBLIC WORKS: Chris had problems with the Scada System over the weekend. It was found to need a new internal battery. They were supposed to be replaced every two years and it had been five years since they had been replaced. He reported that he had gone through the entire system and will be replacing all of the internal batteries. He reported that there was a lot of wood at the burn site, they had been working on the site to make room for more. Rural Water was here, and they told us we will be having a new report that will be due to the Public Service Commission on water. The flagpole down by the water was discussed as the flag continues to get tangled up because the pole does not have the correct mechanism on the pole to prevent it from happening. They will be looking into what options might be available to fix the problem. The construction on the Saratoga Park Benches will be begin next week. The faucet in the campground bathrooms had to have the batteries replaced as they were not working.

DISCUSSION on PFA’s Lawsuit, and how it benefits the Village, the board felt that upon the recommendations of rural water we would join in the lawsuit in case we incur expenses due to any future contamination. We had our water tested for this in the spring and our water does not contain any of the contaminants.

MOTION to join in the PFA lawsuit as was recommended by Rural Water by McConnell/Johnson, motion carried.

MOTION to go forward with the bid from Glen Anderson Construction on the Shore Line Reconstruction using construction recommended by the Wisconsin DNR by Baker/Ebensperger

DISCUSSION on Survey of Market Street and other streets that were awarded to us in the lawsuit. It was determined that since Cedar Corporation should have the marking points for the survey that was previously completed, we would go with them. The board wants at least 2 days’ notice of when they will be coming, and they want to be along with the surveyor so that permanent pole markers can be put in.

MOTION to go forward with Surveying Market Street and by Cedar Corporation by McConnell/Baker

MOTION to send Kim to the 124th League of Municipalities Conference October 19-21st by Ebensperger/Johnson, motion carried.

MOTION to Approve Resolution 2022 Superior Leadership Appreciation by McConnell/Baker, motion carried.

David Culver was on hand and asked the President to be able to speak, he stated that as he lives on main street, he sees a lot of kids playing and he was concerned for their safety, he then asked the board to consider making the intersection a four way stop. Mr. Culver then asked the board to move the stop sign as his is not the same as other stop signs. This all has come up because the board sent him three letters over the summer to clear trees away from the stop sign and he has not done so. He has never asked to make it a four way stop or ask that the stop sign be moved prior to this incident. After the third letter was sent, he then sent a letter to the Pierce County Judge stating that we had violated his constitutional rights by asking him to remove the brush that is illegally place in the Village Right of Way. Mr. Culver wanted to discuss his case at the board meeting, but the board choose not to, considering the court filing he made against the village. Legal Council was not present at the board meeting.

MOTION to go into closed session – roll call vote per Wis. Stat. 19.85(1)(g) to confer with Legal Counsel (either by phone or in person) who is rendering oral or written advise in strategy to be adopted by the board with respect to litigation in which it is involved with David Culver. Wis. Stat. 19.85 (1)(f) Considering legal issue on the campground. 19.85 (1)(c) to discuss employee information.

MOTION to return from closed session – roll call vote

MOTION to allow Jesse Hohmann to work for the Village in the Cemetery at a maximum of $25 per hour with a limit of 20 hours, only working as an insured independent contractor and on a project-by-project basis by Baker/Johnson, motion carried.

MOTION to pay bills by Ebensperger/Johnson, motion carried.


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