Village of Bay City

GENERAL MEETING, October 12, 2022

PRESENT: Roger Spindler, Norman Baker, Jon Ebensperger, Terry Johnson, Jerry McConnell, Kimberly Lunda , Chris Zenner


MOTION: to Accept September 14, 2022, Board Meeting Minutes by Ebensperger/Johnson, motion carried.

DISCUSSION on vandalism here in Bay City.  A rash of vandalism has occurred over the summer and most recently at the US Post Office here in town. Melissa Peterson our County District 14 Supervisor was in attendance along with Pierce County Sheriff’s Office Nancy Hove, and Christine McPherson.  They offered support on helping with additional patrol and putting up cameras in the areas that have had more issues. They have opened investigation into some of the video that has been received by the Village.  There were several issues in the mobile home court, broken windows up on Summit Street and a broken window at the Village Shop.  All of these incidents remain under investigation until the vandals can be found.

DISCUSSION with Brenda Kelly of the Wisconsin DNR, she is a Mississippi River Wildlife Biologist.  She updated those in attendance with the current project update as a few things have changed due to lack of funding. The navigational channel will be the main focus but the wildlife area is still on the back burner depending on additional grants.  The contract for the dredging was awarded to L.S. Marine out of Inver Grove Heights, MN the dredging will start in the spring of 2023 with the duck area in the backwaters hopefully starting in 2024 depending on additional funding.

PUBLIC WORKS: Chris reported that the benches were completed and installed at Saratoga Park. The board wanted to see some more trimming around some of the stop signs in town. The porta potty was moved from Saratoga to down by the boat launch for the duck hunters and fishermen.  Chris reported that the water tower would be cleaned on the outside next week.

DISCUSSION on reimbursement for the Village President or Trustee’s on mileage.

MOTION to allow the Village President and or the Trustee’s to be reimbursed on mileage with Village based business trips at the federal rate of $0.595 X mileage by McConnell/Baker, motion carried.

DISCUSSION on season passes for the boat launch, it was reported that the cost for the reverse stickers was very high, $350 per year.  Clerk Staff, Beverly Bach came up with the idea of making our own and laminating them and we could apply a double stick tape to apply to the windshield. The board was all for not spending as much money and said go ahead with the change as it would cost significantly less.

DISCUSSION on Cemetery Contract with Hubert Schladweiler, the board and the Village residents have been very happy with his job and Hubert has agreed to continue with the same contract for 2023. The board said we would allow Hubert to continue on with doing the job.

MOTION to Approve Picnic License for the Legion on November 11, 2022 by McConnell, Johnson, motion carried.

MOTION to approve purchasing sweatshirts with the same design in Charcoal color by Johnson/Ebensperger motion carried.

DISCUSSION with David Culver was on hand to discuss the tree issue and the encroachment issue. David agreed to move the trees from the right of way he would use the ordinance 96 guidelines.  He attempted to give the board an ultimatum on what he would and would not do.  He wanted the Stop Sign moved, he wanted a four-way stop and he said he would take out the maple tree.  The board did not agree with this and stated that to do this initially before anything was ever planted, he should have gotten a variance from the Village.  No variance was ever obtained. David said he would remove trees as he wanted to avoid having to go to court on the issue and he would then have the board and Village President review what was completed.

MOTION to go into closed session – roll call vote per Wis. Stat. 19.85(1)(g) to confer with Legal Counsel (either by phone or in person) who is rendering oral or written advise in strategy to be adopted by the board with respect to litigation in which it is involved with David Culver. Wis. Stat. 19.85 (1)(f) Considering legal issue on the campground. 19.85 (1)(c) to discuss employee information.

MOTION to return from closed session – roll call vote

No action was needed from closed session.

MOTION to pay bills by Ebensperger/Baker, motion carried.


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