Village of Bay City

GENERAL MEETING, November 11, 2020

PRESENT: Jim Turvaville, Norman Baker, Jon Ebensperger, Roger Spindler, Terry Johnson, Kimberly Lunda, Chris Zenner.


MOTION to Accept October 14, 2020 Board Meeting Minutes by Ebensperger/Johnson, motion carried.

PUBLIC WORKS: Chris reported that the water tower people were going to be here next week to paint patch and to finish the upper part of the screen and rail system so that they can safely attach their harness in while climbing the tower. The roof on the concession stand/storage building was replaced last Friday it was all done by volunteers, the village paid for the parts. The sinks at the Village Hall were repaired and will now pass inspection. Jerry Sprick did the repairs. The John Deere Tractor had a component go out that controls high speed. The said that there was a major component coverage, they said that they are going to cover this as it was reported before the warranty was up but the salesman was fired and they did not follow up on his calls. The board wants us to investigate additional coverage for the John Deere Tractor. The Huppert’s who are remodeling a house in town across from Spindler’s donated some river rock to the Village. Chris and Roger took the rock and put around the Bay City signs coming into town. They also noticed that some of the railroad ties were getting rotten and needed to be replaced. So this will be a spring project that we will need to plan on completing. Christmas lights will be put up tomorrow as the Flags will be taken down from Veterans day.

DISCUSSION on Citation Issued to Joseph Cohenour for Burning Violation. Joe stopped at the office and said that he was not paying the fine and that he was going to fight it. The board approved that this should be taken to court.

TABLED Flood Plain Zoning Ordinance was tabled due to the DNR not answering our questions and not telling us what must be changed.

DISCUSSION on repairs needed to the Village Hall Kitchen Ceiling. Repairs are going to be made to the ceiling within a month. Norm and Chris will be going to Menards to get the supplies and Jeff and Chris will be working on the repairs while the kitchen will not be used over the Thanksgiving Holiday. Motion to make the repairs by Johnson/Baker motion carried.

MOTION to adopt the 2021 Levey Limit of $98,866.71 by Baker/Ebensperger motion carried.

MOTION to adopt the 2021 General Budget of $290,937.08 by Ebensperger/Johnson motion carried.

MOTION to adopt the 2021 Water Budget of $122,370.69 by Baker/Johnson motion carried.

MOTION to adopt the 2021 Sewer budget of $229,380.98 by Ebensperger/Johnson motion carried.

DISCUSSION on Boat Launch/Park Storage Building and the Final Billing for the New Restroom/Shower Building. We paid the final bill for the new Restroom which the board will approve tonight. The total amount was given for the boat launch revenue which was at $10,500. The board discussed the stickers for the boat launch for 2021.

MOTION to go into Closed Session roll call vote.

MOTION to Return from Closed Session roll call vote.

ACTION from closed session: Close session was for informing the board of the results from the previous weeks mediation with David Meixner and his Attorney William Mavity.

MOTION to Approve Bills by Ebensperger/Baker motion carried. Meeting Adjourned

Kimberly Lunda
Village Clerk/Treasurer

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