Village of Bay City

GENERAL MEETING, June 12, 2019

PRESENT: Norman Baker, Jon Ebensperger, Terry Johnson, Davis Niebeling, Jim Turvaville, Kimberly Lunda, Chris Zenner.

Call Board Meeting to Order.

MOTION to accept May 8, 2019 meeting minutes made by Baker/Ebensperger. Motion carried.

Public Works Report: Chris reported that he had received an estimate on the curb, gutter and sidewalk work for this year on Wabash Street. The board made the decision to not put sidewalk into the east side of Wabash by on the Post Office side. Baker made a motion to approve the estimate minus the sidewalk, Ebensperger seconded Motion Carried. Chris brought to the boards attention that we have no safety devices in place if we are working on manholes and we have no safety devices in place at the ponds either. These are required by Osha. A motion was made by Baker to purchase the necessary safety equipment that we need, Johnson 2nd the motion and it was carried. Alex Larson with Scott Construction was on hand to go over the chip seal on the village roadways. Scotts is going to come out and prioritize the roads and give us an estimate on all the roads. Chris brought up that the seniors will be getting a new television donated by the county. None of the board had any objections to it being mounted. The board would be able to use it when we have presentations. Chris brought up getting concrete barriers to block roadways so that people would not go around the blockades. But the board decided to table that. Discussion was about Kirk being on light duty, he will be returning to work on June 17, 2019. The board does not want him working over two days a week. Jim said that he will talk to him.

DISCUSSION on Campground Restroom/Shower project Cedar Corps was in attendance. Cedar informed the board that we would have to adopt the newer revised Floodplain Ordinance by Wisconsin DNR. In order to save over $9,000 per door, the floodproof doors would cost us $10-15,000 per door. The board wanted to adopt the new ordinance as they felt if we didn’t, we would be spending money very frivolously. Cedar wanted to put off the bids until next year, but the board decided we have waited long enough and that the construction should go forward as planned.

DISCUSSION on Charging Fees at the Village Boat Ramp, the board was presented with the prices of other ramps around the area. The board decided that we would charge $5 per day and that a yearly pass is $30. Residents would pay for the cost of printing the ticket which would be a minimal charge. We would have Bob monitor the boat launch donation. Motion for this by Baker/ Ebensperger Motion Carried.

DISCUSSION on Elisha Cato/Bailey Pommering citation for putting a fence up without a building permit. Elisha Cato was at the meeting. Village President Turvaville reminded Cato that he had talked with him last year and told him that he could not put a fence up on village property. Cato told the board that the fence has been removed and that he would have removed it earlier had he gotten his mail, he said that he had not gotten the citations because he had not gotten his mail for half of the month because they lost their key. The board decided that he should be fined the fee for one day and pay the citation and get a building permit if they want to put a fence up in the future.

MOTION to Approve Liquor License for Handy Mart, Mikes Baytown, Sabes Loft and Chef Shack & Legion by Baker/Johnson, Motion Carried.

MOTION to Approve Operators License for Handy Mart, Mikes Baytown, Sabes Loft and Chef Shack & Legion by Ebensperger/Johnson. Motion Carried.

MOTION to Approve Tobacco License for Handy Mart by Ebensperger/Johnson. Motion Carried.

MOTION to Approve Donahue Roofing to put the new roof on Village Hall by Baker/Johnson. Motion Carried

DISCUSSION on the Christmas Lights and Banners this was tabled until we know the count to put banners on main street and we know what the price of brackets are.

DISCUSSION on raffle to raise money for seasonal flags tabled.

DISCUSSION on Building Permits, setting guidelines on when a building permits needed and when a building permit is not needed. The board decided that this should go before the plan commission along with the ordinances surrounding building ordinances.

MOTION to go into closed session was tabled as we did not need to at this time.

MOTION to Approve Bills by Ebensperger/Neibeling. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned.

Submitted by
Kimberly Lunda
Clerk/Treasurer/Village of Bay City

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