Village of Bay City

GENERAL MEETING, July 10, 2019

PRESENT: Norman Baker, Jon Ebensperger, Terry Johnson, Davis Niebeling, Jim Turvaville, Kimberly Lunda, Chris Zenner.


MOTION to accept June 12, 2019 meeting minutes made by Ebensperger/Baker. Motion carried.

PUBLIC WORKS: Chris reported that Scott Construction drove around to check the condition of the Village  roads and rated them all. Main Street is not really that terrible but suggested get it be completed as soon as  we could to keep at good level. The worst areas are Elsa, Katie and Summit. Scott’s also suggested doing the end part of Cemetery Road that was not completed when Cemetery Road was paved. He reported that we will  need carbide blades for the snowplow, we have steel, in order to preserve the chip seal areas. Chris is going to investigate cost of carbide blades, the steel blades we have are in good shape. Discussed using pea rock which last 5 years vs chip seal rock which lasts 10years. Board decided to use the small chip seal rock as it will work into the cracks better. Pepin Street is rated as bad and we will be applying to LRIP project this year or next year for that. Discussion with the clerk about financing the project she suggested if we broke it up 2-3 years increments it would be better for the budget. On Elsa and Summit the asphalt is disappearing and stones are  coming up. The board decided to keep cost down to do smaller ones now and leave Main Street till next year.

MOTION to do Katie Lane, Cemetery, Elsa and Summit streets was made by Baker/Johnson. Motion carried.

PUBLIC WORKS REPORT CONTINUED: Discuss curb and gutter estimates. Chris was concerned we may need to get fill as they had to dig deeper down by Turvaville residence as some old piling concrete was under the curb. The board decided that since the sidewalks by the post office will be illuminated the village employees will have to do dirt work. Chris brought up the email that was received from Cedar Corp regarding why we are not getting any money back from booster pump. Because of the boards decision to go with the new pump Cedar will not be giving us anything back from the booster pump that they took out.

MOTION to approve sending Chris Zenner to PASER and WISLR Road Management Class in Hayward, WI made by Niebeling/Baker. Motion Carried.

DISCUSSION on Andy Bennett demolition permit fee. Issue came up because a tenant abandoned a mobile home in the park and after inspecting the property, they determined it was best to destroy and just haul to pig. Andy stated he received the letter after the fact stating he needed a demo permit. He stated that he has never had to get demo permit in the 41 years that he and his family have owned the mobile home court. He contends per WI statues the mobile home in mobile home park is personal property-all they did is remove personal property. The clerk stated that a mobile home is taxed as personal property. They did not just pull it out as it was trashed. PIG is the only place to take it and won’t take a whole trailer as it has to be smashed before gets to them. Andy contacted Ellsworth, Prescott, and River Falls; none charge demo fees to trailer parks for getting rid of personal property. Discussion ensued regarding personal property and real estate taxing. Andy feels he is just cleaning up his property and he should not have to pay demo fees for cleaning up his own property when tenant leaves. Andy said Galen Seipel said some communities do charge demo fee but generally for structure on a basement—example-it burns down- want to make sure gets cleaned up

MOTION made that if it is classified as personal property, we do not charge a demolition fee made by  Baker/Niebeling. Motion carried.

MOTION to approve Resolution Number 310-7 Compliance Maintenance Annual Report made by  Ebensperger/Johnson. Motion carried.

DISCUSSION: The Plan Commission recommended to go forward with the revised Floodplain Zoning Ordinance. Turvaville questioned several things on revised floodplain ordinance and Cedar Corp. cleared it up.

MOTION to Approve Revised FLOODPLAIN ZONING ORDINANCE as set forth by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources/Report from Plan Commission made by Johnson/Ebensperger. Motion Carried.

DISCUSSION: on bids and revisions on the Village Hall Roof. Neibeling questioned necessity to put in paper before choosing and to give opportunities for rebidding. It was pointed out that it is maintenance to the Hall not a new build and we did have 3 bids on the project. Donahue Roofing would not complete the project how we wanted it completed and all other ruffing companies in the area were called to see if they were interested in bidding on the project and only the three companies came forward. Lindus was contacted and they said there bid still stood.

MOTION to Approve Bruce Andrews the contract for the Village Hall Roof made by Ebensperger/Niebeling. Motion Carried.

UPDATE on August 1, 2019 Relay of Voices events. bills, donations, t-shirts and agenda were reviewed. The Relay of Voices Members will be sleeping at Roger Spindler’s home. Weekend prior there will be chalk art contest under pavilion at Saratoga Park. Legion is making some donations for spaghetti supper. Kim will be contacting the company from Red Wing that makes pasta sauce to see about receiving a donation from them.  We will also be receiving some fruit and salads from Russ Wholesale out of Hudson, WI the company that Justin Larson one of BCCO’s volunteers/Village Resident works for.

MOTION to Approve purchase ten holiday flags and hardware to mount them made by Baker/Ebensperger, Motion Carried.

MOTION to Approve Raffle to raise funds for Bay City Days 2020 made by Johnson/Baker. Motion Carried.

MOTION to go into closed session was tabled as we did not need to at this time.

MOTION to Approve bills made by Ebensperger/Baker. Motion Carried.

Meeting adjourned.
Submitted by
Kimberly Lunda
Clerk/Treasurer/Village of Bay City

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