Village of Bay City

GENERAL MEETING, February 13, 2019

PRESENT: Norman Baker, Jon Ebensperger, Jesse Hohmann, Davis Niebeling, Jim Turvaville,
Kimberly Lunda, Chris Zenner.

Call Board Meeting to Order.

MOTION to accept January 9, 2019 meeting minutes made by Baker/Ebensperger. Motion carried.

Public Works Report: Chris had received several estimates for the old fire building and received pricing on a containment unit for the diesel fuel barrel. Chris also reported that the power steering pump went out on the new Ford pickup and was at Ellsworth Ford being repaired.

MOTION to Approve Matt’s Electric bid for the old fire building by Hohmann/Ebensperger. Motion Carried.

MOTION to Approve buying the containment unit for the diesel fuel barrel from Weiser Concrete in Plum City, WI by Hohmann/Ebensperger.

LRIP BIDS– bids were opened, Monarch Paving was the lowest bid.

MOTION to Approve Monarch Paving as the contractor completing the 2019 project of Cemetery Road by Baker/Hohmann. Motion Carried

MOTION to Approve the new Village of Bay City website designing to Red Wing Computer by Baker/Hohmann. Motion carried.

MOTION to Approve Spectrum lease agreement on the new meters and to purchase the new reader for them by Ebensperger/Hohmann. Motion Carried

MOTION to Approve Picnic License for the Legion Spaghetti Feed and Birthday Party by Hohmann/Turvaville VP Trustee Jesse Hohmann wanted to talk about the Federal Pilot Program and was concerned that the media did not understand that the Village of Bay City had entered into an agreement with DNR for the DNR and Army Corp of Engineers to apply for the grant. The board discussed the matter and are still concerned with the cost of dredging the Bay City Harbor. Discussion was that we would attempt to contact some of the corporations in our area to try and raise funds for the project. Clerk Lunda will continue to try and contact the businesses in the area regarding  fund raising and donations. Resident Danny Weinzel and his companion asked to address the board. They are still concerned with the trains going through this area and having a quit zone. Discussion was about possibly contacting our congress men and women about the matter and attempting to procure funding to put up an additional arm so that we can obtain a quiet zone. Clerk Lunda will be sending additional letters and it was encouraged that other citizens do so as well as we all still would like this to be established as well.

Closed Session was tabled as we did not need it.

MOTION to pay bills by Niebeling/Ebensperger motion carried.

Meeting adjourned.

Submitted by
Kimberly Lunda
Clerk/Treasurer/Village of Bay City

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