Village of Bay City

GENERAL MEETING, February 10, 2021

PRESENT: Jim Turvaville, Norman Baker, Jon Ebensperger Terry Johnson , Roger Spindler, Kimberly Lunda, and Chris Zenner.


MOTION to Accept January 13, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes by Baker/Johnson, motion carried.

PUBLIC WORKS: Chris reported presented the board with extended warranty information on the Ford Truck. The board wanted to know what all the policy covers, Chris said that he would check into this more and have more information for the next board meeting. Chris reported that he and Jeff had finished with some more tree trimming in our right of way adjacent to Elizabeth Brach’s property.

It was reported by a village resident that the water tower lights were not functioning. Chris climbed the water tower and replaced all the light bulbs. Chris reported that the attempt to fill the ice rink was not successful as the water all drained off. Red Wing has donated a 100 foot of fire hose so that if we try it next year, we can use the hydrant to fill the rink. Chris and Norm had to replace a bolt on the CAT loaders alternator

A new technician had come out to look our handheld to read the water meters, he went through our software and all the entries finding several mistakes that had been entered incorrectly on the initial entries and deleting and reinstalling the most recent software onto the handheld. When we read meters on the 1st of February the readings went much better and we only had a couple of meters that did not read and that was due to batteries being low or dead in the MXU boxes. As a result of this we have held off on buying or ordering the new handheld as it cost over $8,000 dollars. We will inform the board of any other issues or problems but felt that we could try to continue with the handheld that we have.

DISCUSSION on purchasing video cameras for the campground. The board wanted more time to investigate what would work the best for the campground. The issue was tabled.

DISCUSSION on the loft door for the bathroom in the campground was tabled.

DISCUSSION on Chris’s raise of 2020 effective to 2021 was discussed and the board decided that the raise should have been $0.75. Chris will be compensated for the hours worked at $0.25 per hour. The board would like some research completed on what our employee handbook says about sick time.

MOTION to intact Christopher Zenners raise to .75 by Ebensperger/Johnson, motion carried.

DISCUSSION on the campground, the board wants a notification letter send to the two campers who moved into the sites in the upper campground as they did not position themselves correctly and must move their campers in the springtime.

MOTION to send a letter of support for Pierce County Economic Development by Baker/Spindler, motion carried.

Closed Session was not needed at this meeting.

President Turvaville informed the board that he would not be here for his final meeting as he would be on vacation to Florida. Pro-Tem President Ebensperger will be in his place, the board agreed that he would need to be given the authority to sign checks. They informed the clerk that she would need to inform the bank of this and get the necessary documents completed at the bank.

MOTION to Approve Bills by Ebensperger/Johnson motion carried.

Meeting Adjourned

Kimberly Lunda
Village Clerk/Treasurer

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