Village of Bay City

GENERAL MEETING, August 19, 2020

PRESENT: Jim Turvaville, Norman Baker, Jon Ebensperger, Roger Spindler, Kimberly Lunda, Chris Zenner. Terry Johnson.


MOTION to Accept July 8, 2020 Board Meeting Minutes by Baker/Ebensperger, motion carried.

DISCUSSION Route to Recovery Grant was discussed with Jamie Feuerhelm/County Clerk present to discuss the county buying new voting machines and being reimbursed by the State of Wisconsin through this grant.

MOTION to go through the county to purchase the new voting equipment by Baker/Johnson, motion carried

PUBLIC WORKS: Chris reported that the new bathroom shower facility is nearing completion. Berghammer was working with Skip Erickson to see about the insulation of the upper portion of the bathroom where the water heater and water softener is held. The board agreed that they should do this for the warrantee to stay valid for the year, instead of us doing it after project completion which would void the warrantee. Chris also reported that Chip Seal was scheduled for next week. There was a water leak in the campground, and it was fixed. Wyatt will continue to work on Hydrants until he goes back to school. Chris asked if he could sell the flail mower as it does not work well with what we need the tractor mower to do the board approved the selling of the mower.

MOTION to agree to have Berghammer handle the insulation by Spindler/Johnson, motion carried

MOTION to sell the flail mower by Johnson/Spindler, motion carried.

DISCUSSION on the campground restroom showers, they are still working on the electrical and the cement work cannot be finished until that is completed. There is a pallet of left-over construction material that the village will keep. There were several people from the campground present to discuss the seniority issue, the board discussed the issue along with some of the campers. For the office it makes it difficult when the campers keep moving around and it was not fair to the ones that are lower in seniority list and it is always the same person that gets the first choice. The board voted to only limit one move per camping season, and it will go by seniority.

MOTION to limit moving to a new seasonal spot to one move per camping season with it being by seniority by Spindler/Johnson, motion carried.

DISCUSSION on Golf Carts in town became very heated with several citizens talking out of turn. President Turvaville had to hit the gavel to stop the upset citizens. The discussion was tabled for a later date. This will be discussed at the October 2020 meeting.

DISCUSSION on getting winter help for PWD Chris Zenner, this also became heated with Devin Feuerhelm speaking out without the president calling on him. He felt that Wyatt Lindblom, our part time summer help was not given a chance. We had already discussed this with Wyatt, and it was determined before the meeting that his school schedule would not work with the hours, we needed him to work. The discussion was quite heated again with President Turvaville using his gavel again. The discussion was tabled for the next board meeting.

MOTION to approve the Bay City Bombers a picnic license for their final tournament which was the 21st to the 23rd here in Bay City by Ebensperger/Spindler, motion carried.

DISCUSSION on making the empty lot at W6414 Pepin Street a parking lot. The discussion became heated with Jesse Hohmann stating that we need to be working on the trail system and that overflow boaters can be parking back at the trail head area and walking back to the boat launch. The board felt that the lot on Pepin Street would be a better spot and it would involve much less time and less expense. Clerk Lunda will be talking with DNR on what permit if any would be required to get this completed.

DISCUSSION on obtaining new building inspector as Galen Seipel has told us that he will be retiring at the end of the year. A few of the cost estimates were presented to the board and we will be obtaining additional cost estimates, so we have someone in place by the end of this year. The purpose of this discussion was to give the board an idea of what the cost will be after Seipel leaves us. We will no longer have one person to do both Building Inspection and Assessment work, no one does this anymore so the cost will be separate.

MOTION to go into Closed Session-roll call vote per Wis. State 19.85 (1)(g) to confer with legal counsel (either by phone or in person) who is rendering oral or written advise concerning strategy to be adopted by the board with respect to litigation in which it is involved with David Meixner and to discuss strategy regarding employee benefits, wages or contract work.

MOTION to return from closed session – roll call vote

ACTION FROM CLOSED SESSION there was on action taken from the closed session, an update on the Meixner litigation was given to the board. No changes were made as far as wages and employee benefits or contract work.

MOTION to Approve bills by Ebensperger/Spindler, motion carried.

Meeting adjourned.

Submitted by
Kimberly Lunda
Clerk/Treasurer/Village of Bay City

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