Village of Bay City

GENERAL MEETING, August 17, 2022

PRESENT: Roger Spindler, Norman Baker, Jon Ebensperger, Terry Johnson, Jerry McConnell, Kimberly Lunda, Chris Zenner was not present due to attending classes in Plover, WI .


MOTION to Accept July 13, 2022, Board Meeting Minutes by Johnson/Ebensperger, motion carried.

PUBLIC WORKS: Chris left his report with Village Clerk Lunda who reported that tires on the Ford were replaced due to them becoming bald, Johnson tire gave us a very good deal on the tires. Regarding the trees that need to be trimmed out of the campground due to storm damage, three different contractors have been contacted and none of them could give a date to come out because they are all so booked up due to the storms. We also have some residents in town who are having a hard time finding someone to cut and or trim trees. Chris wanted to know what color paint that the board wanted the lines painted on the basketball court, they all said black. They want him to get Tough Acrylic Paint for Concrete that is non-skid or slip. Chris has been working on replacing meters as we have been having more and more issues with some of the meters and they have to be replaced and are under warranty. We just finally received some meters from our order months ago. This will be an ongoing and continuous project.

DISCUSSION on David Culvers tree, brush and weed issues. The board agreed that this has been an ongoing issue that needs to be dealt with and we can not continue to do nothing about it as it is on Village property, and we are liable for the public’s safety. The board members agreed that we would give him an additional 10 days and then if he has not made substantial progress that the Village would go in and remove everything from the right of way which would take care of the problem. A notice will be sent in the mail and posted with witnesses on his door.

DISCUSSION on Utility Replacement Fund. It was discussed that this is a contingency of our USDA Loan and we have to get the savings fund set up.

MOTION to set up a Utility Replacement Fund and depositing $2,500.00 to start the fund and if we can the same amount put in quarterly by Ebensperger/Johnson motion unanimously carried.

DISCUSSION on putting benches up in Saratoga Park. The board discussed completing the project as they would like to see it happen and many parents would like a place to set when they are watching their children play. The Village purchased the benches so that we could have them for upcoming projects. President Spindler said that he could recruit some members of the Bluff Busters Snowmobile Club to help with putting the benches in if the Village would pour the concrete slabs. The board felt that would be a good idea and welcomed the help from the Bluff Busters.

MOTION to approve pouring no more than (4)four concrete slabs to place the benches on and accept the help of Norm Baker with his skid steer and the Bluff Busters to bolt the benches in the slabs by McConnell/Johnson, motion carried.

DISCUSSION on Thomas Jensen’s Utility Bill, Thomas’s brother Peter wrote a letter to the board explain the situation with Thomas and asking for forgiveness of all of or part of the dept that has occurred over the years due to Thomas not paying the bill. The board discussed the situation ran over some of the figures and agreed to reduce the late fees only.

MOTION to reduce the late fees of the Utility Bill for Thomas Jensen by 50% by Johnson/Ebensperger, motion carried.

MOTION to approve Operators License for Samantha Bowen by Baker/Ebensperger, motion carried.

MOTION to go into closed session- roll call vote per Wis.Stat 19.85(1)(g) to confer with legal counsel (either by phone or in person) who is rendering oral or written advise concerning strategy to be adopted by the board with respect to litigation in which it is involved with David Meixner. Wis.Stat 19.85(1)(f) to consider legal issues on the Campground 19.85(1)(C) to consider legal issues regarding the Campground 19.85(1)(c) to discuss public employee information.

MOTION to return from Closed Session – Roll Call


MOTION to adopt Resolution 8/22 by Johnson/McConnell, motion carried unanimously.

MOTION to approve starting base pay for campground attend of $1,500.00 monthly plus 20% of all daily, weekly, and monthly sites along with possibility of a year end bonus depending on performance by Baker/Ebensperger, motion carried.

MOTION to continue on with Issuing Citations to Ideal Auto and the Furlongs for non-compliance on run down and uninhabitable properties within the Village Limits by Ebensperger/Johnson, motion carried.

MOTION to approve Bills


Kimberly Lunda
Village Clerk/Treasurer

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