Village of Bay City

GENERAL MEETING, April 13, 2022

PRESENT: Roger Spindler, Norman Baker, Jon Ebensperger Terry Johnson, Jerry McConnell, Kimberly Lunda, Chris Zenner.


MOTION to Accept March 9, 2022, Board Meeting Minutes by Johnson/Ebensperger, motion carried.

PUBLIC WORKS: Chris reported that we have not gotten an estimate for the campground electric yet, the board felt we need to advertise for more than one bid we will do that before the next board meeting. Sidewalks were discussed the board agreed that they would like to see the second half of the basketball court finished and the sidewalks on the south side of Main Street from 4th Street to 5th Street with the handicap approaches on both corners. The board made a motion to adopt which sidewalks we are going to complete this year. We are still working with DNR on the Rip Rap project for the campground.

MOTION to complete sidewalks on the south side of Main Street along with the 2nd half of the basketball court in Saratoga Park by Baker/Johnson motion carried.

MOTION to grant Operators license to Deborah Sanford and Kerry Cohenour by Baker/Johnson, motion carried.

MOTION to grant Liquor License to Dollar General by Ebensperger/McConnell, motion carried

MOTION to grant Tobacco License to Dollar General by Ebensperger/McConnell, motion carried.

DISCUSSION on campground issues, there are a bunch of trees that can be moved in order to make room for four additional campsites. This is in line with the project that the board had already discussed at the previous meeting. It was discussed that we would need to advertise the bidding on the project which will be completed before the next board meeting in May. Some of the board members were interested to know if they could bury the electrical and Chris said he would be in contact with Xcel on that to see if it was possible and what the cost would be. The roof on the new campsite was discussed and the board agreed with the insurance adjuster regarding the issue with several shingles coming off on the northwest side of the building. The board is not going to move forward with putting a new roof on the building. The rest of the roof looks fine, and repairs have been made to the roof.

DISCUSSION on Sale of the lot behind our shop on Tank Street to Mike Steele, Mike was present for the meeting, and he would like to purchase the lot for additional parking especially in the winter months. The board told him he would have to put together some numbers and make an offer on the property. The board was possibly open to the sale of the property

MOTION to go into closed session – roll call vote per Wis.Stat. 19.85(1)(g) to confer with Legal Counsel, either by phone or in person, who is rendering oral or written advise concerning strategy to be adopted by the board with respect to litigation in which it is involved with David Meixner/with Attorney Simatic attending and to confer concerning Village wages and earning.

MOTION to return from closed session- Roll Call Completed.


MOTION to stop payments to Robert Bach for the upper campground assistance by Baker/Johnson, motion carried.

MOTION to Approve Bills by Ebensperger/Johnson motion carried. Meeting Adjourned

Kimberly Lunda
Village Clerk/Treasurer

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