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Ordinance 2015-07 Village of Bay City Burning Ordinance Amended 1-13-2021

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(1) PURPOSE. The purpose of this ordinance is to promote the health, safety, and general welfare of this community.

(2) INTENT. It is the general intent of this chapter to regulate the use of, and promote the safety and efficiency of, controlled burning. It is further intended to provide for the administration and enforcement of this ordinance and to provide penalties for its violation.

(3) BURNING PROHIBITION. Unless specific written approval has been obtained from the Department of Natural Resources, the following materials may not be burned in an open fire, incinerator, burn barrel, furnace, stove, or any other indoor or outdoor incineration or heating device

A.Rubbish or garbage including but not limited to food wastes, food wraps, packaging, animal carcasses, paint or painted materials, furniture, composite shingles, construction or demolition debris or other household or business wastes.

B.Waste oil or other oily wastes except used oil burned in a heating device for energy recovery subject to the restrictions in Chapter NR 590, Wisconsin Administrative Code.

C.Asphalt and products containing asphalt.

D.Treated or painted wood including but not limited to plywood, composite wood products or other wood products that are painted, varnished or treated with preservatives.

E.Any plastic material including but not limited to nylon, PVC, ABS, polystyrene or urethane foam, and synthetic fabrics, plastic films and plastic containers.

F.Rubber including tires and synthetic rubber-like products.

G.Newspaper, corrugated cardboard, container board, office paper and other materials that must be recycled in accordance with the recycling ordinance.

(4) OPEN BURNING. All allowed open burning shall be conducted in a safe, nuisance-free manner. Burning shall occur when wind and weather conditions minimize adverse effects. Burning may not create a health hazard or a visibility hazard on roadways, railroads or airfields. Open burning shall be conducted in conformance with all local and state fire protection regulations. Open burning shall be conducted only on the property on which the materials were generated or at a facility approved by and in accordance with provisions established by the Department of Natural Resources.

A.Open burning shall only be conducted at a location at least 25 feet from the nearest building which is not on the same property; excluding campgrounds

B.Except for barbecue, gas and charcoal grills, no burning shall be undertaken within 25 feet from any combustible material, combustible wall or partition, exterior window opening, exit access or exit.

C.No materials may be burned upon any street, curb, gutter or sidewalk.

D.Notwithstanding of this ordinance, paper and cardboard products may be used as a starter fuel for a fire that is allowed under this ordinance.

E.Small quantities of confidential papers from a residence may be burned if necessary to prevent the theft of financial records, identification or other confidential information. Confidential papers from a commercial enterprise shall be shredded or destroyed in a manner other than open burning.

F.Outdoor campfires for cooking, ceremonies or recreation are allowed provided that the fire is confined by a control device or structure such as a fire ring or fire pit.

G.Burning of trees, limbs, stumps, brush or weeds for clearing or maintenance of right-of-ways is allowed.

H.In emergency situations, such as natural disasters, burning that would otherwise be prohibited is allowed if specifically approved by the Department of Natural Resources.

(5) BURN BARREL. The use of burn barrels is prohibited.

(6) BURNING BAN. Whenever the Fire Chief or the Department of Natural Resources shall deem it imprudent for burning, because of extreme dryness, shortage of water, high wind, particular hazardous location or any other reason, either may forbid by order, the setting of any such fires at any time, refuse to issue a permit where one is requested, or temporarily suspend previously issued burning permits for open burning.

Except for barbecue or gas grills and charcoal grills used in the immediate vicinity of a residential dwelling on a non-combustible surface, no open burning shall be undertaken during periods when either the Fire Chief or the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has issued a burning ban applicable to the area.

(7) BURNING NOTIFICATON. The Village of Bay City Clerk’s office must be notified @ 715-594-3168 prior to large burns.


Any person violating this Ordinance shall be subject to a forfeiture of not less than $100.00 nor more than $500.00, per day that each offense continues together with the costs of prosecution.

Dated this 13th day of January, 2021.


James H. Turvaville, Village President


Kimberly Lunda, Village Clerk/Treasurer

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